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Basic information

 Scoring system - assessment and examination
 Syllabus of lectures
 Schedule of laboratory measurements

Laboratory report rules

Sample report 1, Sample report 2

Tests on the internet

Internet tests can be done here. Login via Shibboleth is required.
Number of attempts is restricted to 2 per day for each topic. Tests can be done from the beginning of 3rd week in the semester until the end of 13th week.

Vectors, differential equations - lectures

Lecture 1 - Introduction, vector calculus
Lecture 2 - Differential equations
Lecture 3 - Laplace transform
Differential equations + Laplace Transform - book

Physics, mechanics - lectures

Kinematics Dynamics Work and Energy
Many bodies mechanics Rotational Motion Oscillations


Kinematics Dynamics Work and Energy
Many bodies mechanics Rotational Motion Rotational Dynamics

Recommended problems (updated 24.4.2017)


Laboratory measurements - manuals

Uncertainties of measurement, Least squares method
L0. Measurement of volumes
L1. Acceleration due to gravity measurement
L2. Free fall study
L3. Study of electrostatic field on models
L4. Pohlís pendulum
L5. Doppler effect measurement

Vectors, differential equations - demonstrations in the Mathematica

Integration Ballistic motion Oscillator
Position vector RC circuit Scalar field
Vector addition Vector multiplication Vector subtraction
Vector product    

Dynamical Systems - lectures

1. Dynamical systems 1 - Introduction
2. Dynamical systems 2 - Topological classification
3. Dynamical systems 3 - Nonlinear systems
4. Dynamical systems 4 - Deterministic chaos and fractals

Dynamical Systems - demonstrations

List of seminar exercises
Seminar exercise 1+2, Seminar exercise 3+4, Seminar exercise 5, Seminar exercise 6
Harmonic oscillator (Matlab)
Predator and Prey (Matlab), Predator and Prey parametric (Matlab)
Harmonic oscillator with phase diagram (Mathematica)
Simple pendulum (Mathematica), Damped pendulum (Mathematica)
Saddle point (Mathematica)
Improper node (Matlab)
Bifurcations (Mathematica)
Hopf bifurcation (Mathematica)
Mandelbrot set (Matlab)
Julia set (Matlab)