Physics 2 - Syllabus of Lectures

Topic of the lecture

1.   Thermodynamic systems, state variables, temperature, heat, work, internal energy, ideal gas law, heat capacities, 1st and 2nd law of thermodynamics, thermodynamic processes, heat engines, entropy, heat transfer (conduction, convection and radiation), 3nd law of thermodynamics, thermal expansion, kinetic theory of gases.
2.   Fundamentals of waves (phase velocity, group velocity, dissipation and dispersion of waves, dispersion relationship) general wave equation. Doppler effect. Wave equation for electromagnetic and acoustic waves, propagation of electromagnetic and acoustic waves.
3.   Constructive and destructive interference, coherent waves, diffraction, Huygens? principle.
4.   Geometrical optics, light ray, paraxial approximation, Fermat?s principle, reflection and refraction, critical refraction.
5.   Wave optics - Fresnel?s and Fraunhofer?s diffraction, interference of light.
6.   Polarization and dispersion of light. Anisotropic media, Brewster law, application of polarization, liquid crystals.
7.   Introduction to quantum mechanics - black-body radiation, photoelectric and Compton?s effect, Bohr's model of atom.
8.   Wave particle duality, wave function, de Broglie hypothesis, Born probability.
9.   Schrodinger's equation, (free particle, particle in a potential wall, tunnel effect, harmonic oscillator), uncertainty principle.
10.   Motion in the central field, quantization of angular momentum, quantum numbers, spin, Fermions and bosons, Pauli exclusion principle.
11.   Band theory of solids (conductors, semiconductors and dielectrics).
12.   Lasers, spontaneous and stimulated emission, inverse population.
13.   Fundamentals of nuclear physics, (nuclear properties, radioactivity, fission and fusion)