Physics 2

winter semester 2018 / 2019

Basic information

 Scoring system - assessment and examination
 Syllabus of lectures:   Physics 2

Laboratory report rules

Sample report 1, Sample report 2
 Basic problems to solve


Temperature and Heat Kinetic Theory Thermodynamics
Wave Motion Geometrical Optics Quantum Physics
Nuclear Physics    
 Fundamentals of Physics - Halliday, Resnick, Walker; additional study material


Temperature and Heat

Kinetic Theory Thermodynamics
Changes of Phase Wave Motion Acoustic Wave

Electromagnetic Waves

Geometrical Optics Quantum Physics

Geometrical optics - addon


Tests on the internet

Internet tests can be done here . Login via Shibboleth is required.
Number of attempts is restricted to 2 per day for each topic. Tests can be done between 8.10.2018 - 6.1.2019. 

Laboratory measurements - manuals

Uncertainties of measurement, Least squares method
L1. Photoelectric Effect
L2. Thermal Conductivity
L3. Motion of Electron   (interpolation program)
L4. Boltzmann Constant
L5. Absorption of Ionizing Radiation