Physics 2

winter semester 2017 / 2018

Basic information

 Scoring system - assessment and examination
 Syllabus of lectures:   Physics 2, Physics 2 for EEM

Laboratory report rules

Sample report 1, Sample report 2
 Basic problems to solve


Temperature and Heat Kinetic Theory Thermodynamics

Quantum Theory - a sample from the textbook Physics II



Temperature and Heat

Kinetic Theory Thermodynamics
Changes of Phase Wave Motion Acoustic Wave

Electromagnetic Waves

Geometrical Optics Quantum Physics

Tests on the internet

Internet tests can be done here . Login via Shibboleth is required.
Number of attempts is restricted to 2 per day for each topic. Tests can be done between 9.10.2017 - 7.1.2018. 

Laboratory measurements - manuals

Uncertainties of measurement, Least squares method
L1. Photoelectric Effect
L2. Thermal Conductivity
L3. Motion of Electron   (interpolation program)
L4. Boltzmann Constant
L5. Absorption of Ionizing Radiation